Care Home Dispensing

We provide Free, Fast and Local Pharmacy Dispensing Services to your Care Home patients.

  • What's our service?
    We will provide Free, Fast and Local Pharmacy Dispensing Services to your Care Home patients swiftly.
  • How do we keep records?
    We will use Electronic MAR recording facility provision through our PMR service provider which helps the electronic medication administration record keeping through the use of tablets eliminating the need of paper records.

  • Do we only dispense medicine
    As well as dispensing of medicines, we advise care homes on the safe use, storage and disposal of medicines and provide monitored dosage systems and printed medicines administration charts, preparation for the audit and help to carry out internal audit.


Our pharmacy is based at 2 Raynham Street in Ashton-under-Lyne, OL6 9NU specialising in care home medicines dispensing. We look after a number of Care Homes of all sizes: from the very small (less than 5 residents) to the very large (more than 100 patients). The types of residents also tend to vary, from the young to the elderly, from dementia sufferers to the learning disabilities.
We offer our clients a dedicated, local pharmacist who provides a personal service, from prescription collection and delivery through to drug advice, medication management, MURs and staff training. iPharmacy Direct provides a comprehensive pharmaceutical service to care homes.

Irrespective of the size or the type of the Care Home, each and every one of our clients receives the same degree of care and respect. We are sensitive to the needs of all of our clients and the proprietors. Our clients tend to stay with us, once they are spoilt with our service!

iPharmacy Direct is a specialist pharmacy services provider that supports the full spectrum of medicines related compliance requirements for residential and nursing homes.Our dedicated service is focused exclusively on the specific needs of the care home sector which ensures we provide an expert service, catering to the unique needs of all of your residents including specialist clinical conditions. Our dedicated service centre supports all of our care home customers with no disruptions or distractions to ensure you always get a high quality service.

Dispensing for Care Homes
iPharmacy Direct believes in being able to provide a service tailored to the needs of each Care Home. We provide advice and support to the residents and staff of care homes, including delivery of medicines. We will advise on the proper and effective ordering of medicines and appliances as well as their safe storage, administration and proper record keeping.

We provide a dispensing service to suit the needs of the Care Home, whether that is dispensing into standard containers or into Monitored Dosage Systems (MDS). Clinical Governance is the framework that ensures that we are both accountable for, and able to continuously improve our standards. This is an essential part of delivering modern health services to Care Homes, and is central to the service Ipharmacy Direct provides.

Prescription Management
We know it takes more than dispensing prescriptions for your medication system to run smoothly. Our Prescription Management Service ensures the streamlining of prescriptions, within legal and ethical guidelines, to facilitate dispensing and the provision of suitable MDS systems. This ensures that the Care Home receives enough medication for residents in suitable quantities, making administration and record keeping easier and helping you keep up to date with residents’ medication.

We believe that to ensure your residents receive the best possible care, it is essential to work together as a team. Where possible, you will have your own designated contact. Likewise, we recommend there should be at least one designated person in the Home we can contact to resolve issues as they arise and help ensure continuity.

Your medication can be delivered in an agreed format on set days, with the same being true for collecting the empty cassettes or racks (where appropriate). Dates and times to suit everyone will be agreed. Our Pharmacists will be happy to discuss any further requirements on an individual basis.

Great advice
Our Pharmacists can provide advice on the safe storage, administration and handling of medication. We can also help you with audits and the development of your protocols and procedures.


  • A laser generated MAR chart for improved clarity and safety will be provided for all medication supplied to the home, including monthly and acute items.All MAR charts will contain a specific time of administration for each medication e.g. 08:00All items dispensed including dressings, appliances and nutritional feeds would be included on the MAR chart.PRN medication would be included on the MAR chart without dose times to support the adherence to PRN protocols.Blank MAR charts will be supplied for emergency use such as new admissions or hospital discharges.Interim/Emergency Acute Prescriptions and Out Of Hours support are also available.All items will be supplied with a printed MAR chart and Patient Information Leaflet.We provide comprehensive care home dispensing and delivery service to meet all you patients healthcare and medication requirements.

We understand the importance of Safe Medicine Administration, no matter what type or size of care home you manage. We also recognise the time constraints facing you and your staff. That’s why we’ve developed our free Managed Care service package.
Working in close partnership with you, we will:

  • Establish the individual needs of your Care Home
  • Devise a tailored support package
  • Help your staff meet current guidelines for handling medicines
  • Provide safe, secure and efficient systems for administering medicines
  • Expertise and Support
  • Dispensing Systems and Tools
  • Repeat Prescription Management (ordering of medication)

We can improve the ordering process by offering a script management service. This ensures your Care Home will have the correct medication available at the right time.

Prior to commencement of the service, we will provide medicines management training for all staff involved in managing medication, in line with current best practice and regulatory requirements
Refresher training is also available along with specific sessions to address such issues as respite/new admission and errors on MAR chart training.

We will carry out an audit once every 12 months.
Following this we will meet with the home manager to agree actions and review the service.


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